limonero films | Winter in Europe
Hundreds of Afghan migrants live in old abandoned barracks that made up the old Belgrade train station, where they endure sub-zero temperatures, along with toxic fires and apocalyptic landscapes, waiting for the opportunity to cross the border.
Migrants, Crisis, Europe, Borders, Hungary, Afghanistan
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Winter in Europe


Winter in Europe


1 x 70┬┤ & 52'

Afghan migrants, Belgrade, Europe, Hungary, Politics, Refugee Crisis, Winter

This documentary presents the difficult situation of the Afghan migrants who try to cross the Hungarian border to enter the European Union. Hundreds of migrants hide in train tracks, forests and abandoned factories where temperatures are below zero, create toxic bonfires and coexist in apocalyptic landscapes. Crossing seems impossible to them when, on the other side, they are awaited by police and paramilitary groups that use all kinds of force to stop them.