Cyberwar 2022

Current Affairs
Cyber Armies, Fake News, Russia, Ukraine

2/24/2022. This date is engraved in blood-red letters in the memory of every person who considers himself a part of the civilized world. However, there is another date in the context of the war that Russia started. January 13, 2022 – is when the cyber part of the invasion happened by the massive hacker attack on the objects of the critical infrastructure of Ukraine. Ukrainian cyber defenders worked well and almost neutralized the destructive effect of the attack – just like hundreds of times since 2014, proving once again that the cyber war between Ukraine and Russia, just like the conventional one, is a confrontation between two existential and civilizational paths of evolution: while Russia recruits criminal hackers, the average Ukrainian cyber soldier is an internationally qualified IT professional. 

Simultaneously with airstrikes damaging Ukrainian cities, government websites are being hacked, fake news and psychological attacks are launched, personal data is stolen, and volunteer cyber armies are formed without summons. Can we avoid participating in the global cyber war that has already begun? The film is an explanation of modern methods of cyber war overlooked through the example of an on-going war in Ukraine.