Limonero Films Expands Its Presence in Latin America

Limonero Films Expands Its Presence in Latin America

Señal News

After participating in Natpe Miami, the international distributor decided to attend MIPCancún for the first time with very attractive factual titles. Pamela Martínez Martínez, Head of Sales and Acquisitions, tells her strategy for the Latin market.

Limonero Films, boutique international distributor of  factual programming and documentaries, will participate for the first time in MIPCancún with major outstanding titles“We want to expand our presence in Latin America. We already have a relationship with Brazil and Mexico and I will attend the market to look for new products and meet potential customers,” said Pamela Martínez Martinez, Head of Sales and Acquisitions at Señal News.

One of the greatest titles that the distributor will promote in MIPCancún is “The Remixers”, a gastronomic proposal starring the Colombo brothers, two Italian twins living in Barcelona. “The pilot was donne in the Basque Country and it worked very well. The two brothers met with Aitor Arregui, the chef in command of El Cano restaurant, learned their recipes and remixed them,” Martinez Martinez said. “I currently offer the title as a stand-alone but we want to develop the series and sell it in MipCancún. We have a pitch only for Latin America with the participation of the best chefs in the region,” she added.

Another great highlight for MIPCancún will be “My name is Violeta” (1×55 ‘& 75′), the first all-Spanish Limonero documentary produced by Mediapro and Polar Star Films. The title won two awards at Docs Barcelona and it is a documentary about daughter of former porn actor Nacho Vidal, who when he was 6 years old revealed that he felt like a girl and wanted to be called Violeta. The film follow parents’ learning about their child’s transsexuality and shows their unconditional support. “I have high hopes that the title will be very interesting in Latin America,” Martínez anticipated.

Limonero Films is also promoting the Australian series “The Power of Sound”, which tells the story of the sound over the years, from ancient civilizations to the present. The six episode series is presented by musician and producer Mark Robertson and travels through different parts of the world to study sound. “There is very little left to finish it and it will look great,” the executive anticipated. “I am already making presales and we launched it globally at Mipcom,” she said.

“Impact, Natural disasters Time to adapt” is another title that is part of the proposal of Limonero Films and is a series about the climate change but with a positive message. The plot analyzes recent natural disasters and shows how humans recovered and how they prepare to face future disasters. “We are doing the pilot, we have two thirds already filmed and I am looking for European television stations to join as co-producers,” Martinez Martinez said.


2019 has been a very profitable year for Limonero Films. The distributor closed sales for the “Fighting Fit” series to Extreme Channel for the whole world. “The series is fantastic, won many awards and will be released on October 23 worldwide,” said the Head of Sales and Acquisitions of the company. Also “The Arstist and the Pervert” (1×93´), went to SKY Italy.

In addition to this, the distributor placed the documentary “Lovesick” (1×52’) on CBC Canada and the series “Edwardian Britain in Colour” (2×60 ‘) on CBC, on Foxtel Australia and ERR, the Public TV of Estonia, the first time that Limonero reaches that territory