Limonero Lands ‘Almost Fashionable: A Film About Travis’

Limonero Lands ‘Almost Fashionable: A Film About Travis’


Limonero Films is hoping Travis is on trend with buyers after it snagged the rights to a well-received film about the Scottish rock band. “Almost Fashionable: A Film About Travis” saw music critic Wyndham Wallace invited to cover the Mexican tour of one of his least favorite bands.

Through interviews with the band, its fans, and other music journalists, Wyndham attempts to understand the reason for his resentment. The resulting take on life, friendship and music premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2018. It scooped the audience award at the Scottish festival.

Gezellig Studio produced the film in association with Final Cut USA. The band’s singer-songwriter Fran Healy directed the film. He said that inviting a music journalist who did not like the band was an interesting way into a music project. “I thought a documentary from this angle would be a lot more interesting than one from a journalist who was a fan,” he said.

Factual specialist Limonero is selling the documentary and will be in Berlin. “It’s a fun, joyful film that I’m sure will delight fans of the band and those who love music documentaries that delve deep into human emotions,” said Pamela Martinez Martinez, managing director of Limonero Films.