limonero films | Ahead of Their Time
Get exclusive insights from the founders of The Lonely Planet and Airbnb. They were trailblazers in the travel industry who went against the grain.
Innovation, Technology, Future, Travel, Netflix, Fitbit, Airbnb, Lonely Planet
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Ahead of Their Time


Ahead of Their Time


8 x 48'

Documentary Series, Factual Entertainment
Business, Fitbit, Lonely Planet, Netflix, Sora Media, Technology, Tik Tok, VHS, Vitasoy

Get exclusive insights from the trailblazer founders of The Lonely Planet, Airbnb, Netflix or Fitbit:
they took fantasy ideas and turned them into reality. S01: Netflix & Vestron, Quorn & Impossible
Foods, Horn and Hardart & Tiffin Labs, Polaroid & Tik Tok. S02: Airbnb & Lonely Planet, Fitbit & Garmin, Rude Health & Vitasoy, F45 & Zumba.