Rise Up!


Rise Up!


1 x 90'

Feature Docs, Human Interest
activism, Authoritarianism, Political Heroines

It is said that every social progress had to be struggled for by courageous people – but how did they succeed? Can the enormous global crises of the present even be overcome? Driven by questions, doubts and visions, the film wanders through wild imagery, through the promises of happiness of modernity, freezes in the face of overpowering enemies, lives through resistance, failure, and new beginnings. And we begin to understand – due to the inspiring stories of five people who were involved in overwhelming social upheavals. They struggle to find answers, along with the film’s authors and the audience. They trace the point at which people begin to resist. The point at which the decision is made to leave normality and certainty behind in order to dare to do something completely new.