Shepherds of the Earth


Shepherds of the Earth


1 x 58' & 75´

Contemporary History, Feature Docs, Human Interest
biodiversity, climate change, ethnology, extinction, Kenya, natural history, nature, nature conservation, social issues, Turkana, Wildlife

Researchers collect ancient fables of Daasanach tribe in Turkana – the Cradle of Humankind – and they find out that the tribe is the greatest threat to local nature. Spanish enthobiologist Álvaro Fernandez-Llamazares looks into traditional fables of Turkana, seeing a vivd picture of nature and rich wildlife. But while exploring the national park, Alvaro discovers dry and bare landscape with hardly any animals left. So starts a fascinating story of the nomadic people’s struggle to survive, of poaching, nature reserve rangers, tribal wars over scarce resources and prehistoric fossils. The two worlds of biologists and the tribe members collide revealing the values of wildlife and nature for both.

Award Recogintion:

Main Award, Documentary Competition – Kotka International Film Festical, Finland (May 2022)

Main Award, Documentary Competition – Atlantic International Film Festival, Colombia (June 2022)

Main Award, Science Documentaries – Pärnu Film Festival, Estonia (July 2022)