Tigre Gente


Tigre Gente


1 x 45' & 94´

Feature Docs, Human Interest, Nature and Wildlife
Animals, biodiversity, Bolivia, Documentary, illegal, Jaguar, national park, nature conservation, poaching, social issue, Wildlife

The Madidi National Park—located in Bolivia—is home to rich and treasured natural land: the most biodiverse in the whole planet. The Director of the Madidi Park, Marcos Uzquiano, is a determined ranger who deems his service to this kind of preservation work a “calling.” In particular, Marcos is resolute in tracking down the illicit jaguar trade that has been pervasive in Bolivia, and disrupting this unrelenting eradication of an entire species. As Marcos tries to infiltrate this clandestine network, Hong Kong journalist Laurel Chor doggedly investigates the selling of jaguar teeth in China and Myanmar—and connects the dots between the trade in China and the influence of Chinese business in South America.