‘Women Behind the Wheel,’ Baby Makers’ Join Limonero’s MIPCOM Slate (EXCLUSIVE)

‘Women Behind the Wheel,’ Baby Makers’ Join Limonero’s MIPCOM Slate (EXCLUSIVE)


Limonero Films, an independent boutique distributor of factual programming and documentaries, is launching a selection of documentaries and factual entertainment series at the Mipcom TV market.

The titles are “Women Behind the Wheel,” produced by Dartmouth Films in the U.K., the wildlife titles “Wild Icons of Iberia” and “Heroines of the Savannah,” both by Azor Productions in Spain, “The Baby Makers,” from Mediacorp in Singapore, and “Shepherds of the Earth,” by Guerrilla Films in Finland.

In “Women Behind the Wheel,” two 22 year-olds drive 3,500 miles along the Pamir highway to meet the women of Central Asia coping with the changes in their society since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Alarm bells are ringing in some countries over falling birth-rates. If there are fewer workers and more elderly, what will happen to economies and our standard of living? Series “The Baby Makers” explores the efforts to make it easier to have children and spotlights the people trying to make it happen.

“Heroines of the Savannah” looks at the animal world, where males are usually the ones who impose authority over females. However, in some species the opposite occurs, although the leading females lack their physical attributes. The show focuses on the lives of three African matriarchs: an elephant, a hyena and a striped mongoose.

In “Shepherds of the Earth” researchers collect ancient fables of the Daasanach tribe in Turkana, Kenya – the Cradle of Humankind – and they find out that the tribe is the greatest threat to local nature. Their two worlds collide, revealing the values of wildlife and nature for both. It’s the story of the nomadic people’s struggle to survive, of poaching, tribal wars over scarce resources and prehistoric fossils.