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Remixers is an honest search through gastronomy. One led by passion and deep hunger for discovery and connection. Guided by a pair of Venetian twins, the Colombo brothers, we leave the comfort of their Barcelona universe - Bar Brutal and Xemei - to hit a road filled with friends, stories and committed food lovers.
Gastronomy, Food, Travel, Tradition, Recipes,
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The Remixers


Giant Cookie

Factual Entertainment, Food
food, Gastronomy, Recipes, Remix, Sustainable, Tradition, Travel

The Remixers is a show about gastronomy, passion, discovery culture and even globalization, but overall it is a quest of two twin brothers raving in the backstage of some of the core kitchens of the culinary world map. An intense adventure that redefines their own creativity limits and love for tradition, food and people.